About Rag Doll Kung Fu - "Imagine having a Kung Fu Fight with string puppets, except you donít have to worry about getting the strings tangled up, and you donít have to have a kung fu fight."

Fast-paced Rag Doll Kung Fu Action!

Rag Doll Kung Fu is the brainchild of Games industry veteran artist, Mark Healey. Working in his spare time, with a little help from his mates, Mark first created a low-budget Kung Fu movie in his local park. Little did he know where that day would lead him...

Fast forward three years of hard work and sleepless nights, and he had an almost-complete game on his hands! Everything changed when he was invited to show Rag Doll Kung Fu to an astounded audience at the Annual 'Game Developer Conference', or GDC 2005 (see 'Files' section to watch the video of that fateful day!).

Valve Software had its trusty spies in the audience, and after a whirlwind trip down to Valve HQ, a few more sleepless nights, Mark had landed himself a deal to unlesh his baby on the world, thanks to the wonders of Steam. And the rest, as they say, is history!



You can try Rag Doll Kung Fu for free today!
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Be sure to check out the trailer video too!

Rag Doll Kung Fu features:
16 levels of story mode, including a complete old style kung fu film!
Lots of secrets to unlock, including a music-mixer to allow you to remix the game music
Single player mini games:
 Ninja Onslaught - battle the ninjas - what level can you beat?
 Chu Chu Wing Pooh - use your aerial combat skills to knock the egg up the mountain to hatch a flying buddy, while fending off various adversaries!
 Rag Doll Soccer - play soccer, Rag Doll style!
 Rag Doll Athletics - try to beat the world record in Sprinting, Long Jump, High Jump, Distance Throwing, Distance Kicking.
Play with friends on a single computer!
  If you have several USB compatible mice, you can plug them into your Windows XP computer and play multiplayer games with your friends, all on one 1 machine!
 Athletics - compete with friends in 5 athletics events.
 Movie Maker - you don't have to fight! Chill with your friends and make a story by plugging in several mice and recording the action.
Play online with up to 8 people
 Death Match - classic beat'em up action where you create your own fighting style!
 Rag Doll Soccer - play in teams or individually for the highest score!

Some features are only available in the full version. For details of the differences between the free and full versions, please see the faq.
Online play is limited to 3 minutes per session in the free demo version of the game.



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